Effective Ad campaigns
RTB technology of media advertising gives an unlimited choice of interaction opportunities and formats, thus ensuring a seamless brand communications strategy.
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RTB media ad buying system
- absolute data safety
- connection to Doubleclick Ad Exchange
- 15 targeting options
- user-friendly functionality
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Thanks to Bridge technologies and connection to Doubleclick Ad Exchange Gobid can access banner traffic from Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange.
Wide opportunities for audience targeting: from classic geo targeting to likely viewability of a certain ad placement.
from 10
rubles per 1000 impressions
Built-in expense optimization and flexible pricing combined with the RTB ad buying model facilitate optimal ad budgeting.
Latest technology of the service
Gobid embraced a new format – MRAID.
MRAID technology allows using phone features – contacts, calendar, outgoing calls – directly from the banner!
Huge opportunities
Follow-up technology has long been known and successfully used on the email market. Now it is available for media advertising, too!

Set up your impression series, determine the frequency, and our technology platform will ensure the usability and steady operation.
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